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Entertaining since 1987! In A Class By Itself.

Azamra started in November, 2004. Since then, we have done over 1000 Orthodox Jewish events. Well known in the Five Towns, Westchester, Riverdale, New Rochelle, West Hempstead , Queens, Teaneck, NYC, Staten Island and Monsey, Azamra DJ & Photography offers full event services such as DJ, Photo, Video and Photo Booths for Bar & Bat Mizvahs, Weddings, and all events. We are your sophisticated Orthodox & Shomer Shabbos Event Entertainment Company.

Our reputation speaks for itself.

Besides us being extremely innovative, high energy and authentically Orthodox, Azamra is the only place you will find DJ & MC Jeff Neckonoff, MC Benny Amar, MC Rona, MC Maddie, MC Ariana, MC Geoff, as well as dancers Bari, Lisa, Cipi, Sivan, Eden, Gavriel, Eli, Gavi & Ayal.

Our personalities make your simcha shine!

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Our services include

DJ Services



Projectors, Screens Etc.

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Our Story

Azamra DJ Photography.
Over 25 years in the DJ entertainment industry.

Even though Azamra was first created in 2004, we have over 25 years in the DJ entertainment industry (pre-Azamra). We have constantly redefined the entertainment industry in New York and New Jersey. We have the very best DJs, MCs, female simcha and male motivators. Azamra’s entertainers are second to none.
Nobody delivers the professional and personalized service that Azamra does!

Welcome To Azamra DJ Photography

Azamra exists to provide you, the discerning Shomer Shabbos client, with the absolute best music and entertainment for your simcha.

DJ, Photography, & Video Services

~~ Azamra Events is Orthodox-Owned and Completely Shomer Shabbos/Mitzvos, as is 90% of Our Staff


~~ We Are A Talented, Experienced, Elegant, Respectful, Tzniusdik, High-Energy, Volume-Conscious Musical Entertainment Company for Your Upcoming Event.


~~ Azamra is Completely Engaged In Providing You With the Party You Want, Infused With Simcha, Without You Having to Compromise Your Values & Good Taste.


~~ We Are Not Like Any Band or DJ You’d Find in the Non-Orthodox World. The Only Thing We Might Have In Common Is the Audio Equipment We Use.


~~ Azamra DJ Is Not Like Any “DJ” in the Orthodox World, either. Did You Know That Other DJs at Observant Events are either Secular and Hired By Orchestras to Fill In the Gaps With Popular English Dance Music, or Have Maybe Been Around a Little Too Long and Really Don’t Enjoy Performing Anymore? It’s Become Just a “Job” to them. Another Concern is That Their Performers May Not Understand the Boundaries of What’s Appropriate or Not, Being That Most Aren’t Jewish At All, and Those That Are, Aren’t Observant Whatsoever.


~~ We Guarantee To Make Sure You & Your Guests Have The Most Awesome, Leibadik Time Possible. The Kids Will have a Great Time Dancing & Playing Games, and the Adults Will Also Participate, especially in the Beginning Circle First Dance and Follow-Along Simcha Songs


~~ Azamra is Fully Insured


~~ We Have Belonged to the National Association of Mobile Entertainers since 2003

What is the National Association of Mobile Entertainers and why is it important to your entertainment needs?

The National Association of Mobile Entertainers (NAME) is an organization of professional disc jockey entertainment companies who are concerned with maintaining a high standard of quality in performance and business ethics in order to insure that you, the customer, receive the best possible service for your party. Prospective members must meet certain qualifications in order to be accepted as a member, such as providing business and trade references, and they must make the commitment to learning new and different techniques in servicing their clientele. Education of the membership, the media and the consumer is the association’s primary goal.

Who and What Exactly is "Azamra"? Is That the Owner's Last Name?

After reading a bit about us below, please call or email to get a copy of our reference list. Scores of satisfied clients are just waiting to let you know how wonderful their simchas were.

We exist to provide the Shomer Shabbos client with the absolute best high-energy and appropriate music & entertainment for your simcha.

We specialize in creating an extremely leibadik atmosphere that is much better than what any other orchestra or DJ can provide. Our emcees, djs, simcha entertainers, musicians & singers are second-to-none. We wish to enhance your simcha by making sure you & your guests have a most amazing time. Once you experience an Azamra Event, you’ll understand why hundreds of people like yourself are booking us up to two years in advance for their upcoming events.

For the first dance, we play your favorite high-energy Siman Tov/Mazel Tov/Carlebach/Niggunim...

For the first dance, we play your favorite high-energy Siman Tov/Mazel Tov/Carlebach/Niggunim songs to keep you circling anywhere from one to three hours nonstop. For the rest of your simcha, when you aren’t eating, we will be making sure you and your guests are musically engaged, dancing and having a great time.

Besides during speeches and the montage, there will never be “dead air”, known as silence during your event.

Azamra Events

Azamra Events is most definitely not your typical Orthodox-owned & operated musical entertainment company. Below is our story….

Azamra DJ Photography was birthed in 2004...

Azamra DJ Photography was birthed in 2004, as a result of owner Jeff Neckonoff becoming a baal teshuvah through Rabbi Yossi Korngold (formerly of the Jewish Heritage Center), Chabad of the 5 Towns, Gateways, Manhattan Jewish Experience & Isralight. Before that, he ran a Bar/Bat Mitzvah & Wedding DJ Entertainment company that specialized in secular Jewish, Gentile & Corporate Events throughout the NY tri-state area.

Jeff bought his first Technic 1200 turntables back when he was in Canarsie High School, and started doing parties throughout his high school & college years. While at Baruch College, after studying marketing, sales, accounting & finance by day, he was concurrently teaching himself how to beat mix disco, dance music, freestyle & house music by night.

In 1987, during his senior year, he landed the much coveted position of resident DJ at one of Long Island’s hottest nightclubs, called Jamz (also know as Fokkus and The Dorm), in West Hempstead.

He then began DJ’ing regularly in clubs from NYC to Long Island until 1996 (when his daughter was born), mixing two-three nights a week till 4am classic disco, freestyle, funk, old-skool hip hop and house music. His other main clubs were the L.I. Exchange and Polyesters. He did shorter stints at Coco’s, Buttles, Zachary’s, Metro 700, Uncle Sam’s and Cafe Society.

Also in 1987, he started working for the most successful DJ Company in the United States, EJM Entertainment. EJM did an average of 35 parties a weekend, utilizing 10 DJ crews. Besides doing the majority of all Bar & Bat Mitzvahs from Manhattan to the Hamptons, EJM was consistently sending crews to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, California, Texas, Philly, Boston & Chicago. EJM was simply the biggest & best entertainment company, dealing with everyone from the L.I. middle class to extremely wealthy clients throughout the country.

Check out these CLASSIC DJ pictures from the late 80s and early 90s, when Jeff was first toning his mobile DJ skills…. Please no comments on the hairstyle:-)

It was during this time that Jeff mastered the art of managing an event, running a party and creating the exact atmosphere the clients & their guests desired. “Every party we did was a home run”, he says. “With no exaggeration, most of the kids at the Bar/Bat Mitzvahs used to beg us for autographs at every party. It was surreal”. Jeff refers to his EJM days as “DJ University”, as the training he received there was second to none, and can never be duplicated again.

In 1993, he left EJM to create his own company called Classic Entertainment, which later expanded to include NY Event Connection. Classic was the DJ company. NY Event was a multi-faceted special events planning company, predominantly doing Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, Extravagant 40th & 50th birthdays and high-end corporate functions. He organized entire events from soup to nuts, including all their music, extra entertainment, staging & lighting.

In 2001, Jeff became extremely interested in Torah Judaism, and began studying with Rabbi Korngold. He started wrapping tefillin and keeping kosher almost immediately. But his main business was on Saturday afternoons and evenings. However, after studying Perek Alef of Tractate Shabbos, Jeff was learning that what he was doing on Shabbos wasn’t too cool, according to Talmud. This continued for many months and he decided to slowly wean himself off of Shabbos parties. First came the Friday night events, in March of 2004. Then in the Fall, he made a commitment to no longer book any more Saturday Shabbos events as well.

But he still had to make parnassah. So he decided to convert Classic Entertainment to Azamra DJ. He became 100% Shomer Shabbos at the end of June, 2005, and hasn’t looked back.

Azamra started in November, 2004. Since then, we have done over 700 Orthodox Jewish events.

Azamra started in November, 2004. Since then, we have done over 700 Orthodox Jewish events. Every party done has gotten rave reviews. Success in this market has enabled Jeff to be completely Shomer Shabbos, as well as not having to shlep all his own food to catering halls anymore, as these parties are all Glatt KOSHER, just like him and Azamra DJ!

Azamra’s mission is to make sure your simcha is exactly what you want it to be: fun, classy, professional, energetic, leibadik & tzniusdik. The staff is of the highest caliber: clean-cut, presentable, high-energy and extremely personable. Rest assured that we will come to your event just like your friends from shul or child’s yeshiva. In fact, almost all of our simcha entertainers were Jewish day-school raised. We won’t seem like strangers at your simcha, but like beloved long lost friends or relatives…. who like to dance, jump around and have a great time!

Also, Azamra Events has available an all-female crew for your simcha.

So Many People Have Asked us… “What Does Azamra Mean?”

Great question! Here’s the answer:

When I first started becoming observant, and was contemplating converting my secular DJ company into an Orthodox one, I was literally teaching myself how to daven. In the hallelukahs, I kept seeing the word “Azamra”. It really kept jumping out of the page at me for some reason.

Artscroll translates it as “I will make music”. Others translate it as “I will sing”.

Then when I was in a local Judaica store, I saw a Breslov booklet entitled “Azamra”. I bought it and it was about always being happy, having simcha, etc.

Then I came across this site……

This is what they say about the word:

AZAMRA is a Hebrew word meaning “I will sing!” The keynote of all Azamra’s work is the teaching of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov (1772-1810) based on Psalms 146:2:”Azamra! I will sing to my God as long as I live!” “The way to sing the song of joy is by seeking the good in all people, especially in ourselves. Each good point is one more note in the song of life!”

A world in which all people recognize and honor the divine in themselves and in others will be one of peace, harmony and true community.

That completely resonated within my soul.

Therefore, Azamra DJ Photography was born.

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Client Testimonials

Hi Jeff,

I will spread the word around. You did a great job with both my daughters Bat Mitzvahs. I would totally recommend you. I teach Bar Mitzvah lessons. If you know of any 12 year old’s who need, please keep me in mind.

Thank you,

-Milty Weiss


David Jasse,

President • Creative Director

DMJ Digital Media

Congrats to my son Eli Greenberg on his successful debut as a party motivator with Jeff Neckonoff and Azamra DJs! Azamra is THE premiere simcha entertainment source. There’s no simcha like an Azamra simcha!

feeling proud.

Marsha Greenberg Motzen


Thank you for making Tammy’s BM so special !!!

Samira Manashirova


Very nice site Jeff.

Carmine Poliandro

Amazing website design and customer service system.

Mo Rieder

Shalom Jeff,

Todah Rabbah for your service you are a blessing love the Music and Photography

Mary Smith

I LOVE that son you have in the background! : )  Chodesh Tov!


We take pride in providing quality DJ Services for Bar & Bat Mitzvahs and Wedding celebrations. Well known in the Five Towns, Westchester, Riverdale, New Rochelle, West Hempstead , Queens, Teaneck, NYC, Staten Island and Monsey, Azamra DJ & Photography will listen to your creative input and select the absolute best music for the situation. The background of your guests, age range and your personal taste play an important role in selecting the appropriate music.